2022 – Mother Goose: The Pantomime

Production of 2022 – Mother Goose: The Pantomime

Production description

Director's note to follow.

A cartoon goose surrounded by eggs is looking worried.

Programme Notes

Marketing pitch:

Mother Goose – an EGGS-trava-GANDER of a pantomime!

Poor Mother Goose is down on her luck – her goose farm is failing, her rent is in arrears and the Squire has ordered his barmy bailiffs to evict her. Fairy Friendship sends a special friend, Priscilla the Goose, who changes her fortunes. But the evil Demon Discontent uses Mother Goose’s vanity to make her lose Priscilla. Will Mother Goose’s family and friends be able to help her see the error of her ways and win back Priscilla’s friendship, or will the Demon Discontent win the day and be named ‘Panto baddie of the year’?

20th December - 7:30pm
21st December - 7:30pm
22nd December - 7:30pm
23rd December - 3:00pm
23rd December - 7:30pm
26th December - 3:00pm
27th December - 3:00pm
27th December - 7:30pm
28th December - 3:00pm
28th December - 7:30pm
29th December - 7:30pm
30th December - 7:30pm
31st December - 3:00pm
2nd January - 3:00pm
2nd January - 7:30pm
3rd January - 7:30pm - CANCELLED
4th January - 7:30pm
5th January - 7:30pm
6th January - 7:30pm
7th January - 3:00pm
7th January - 7:30pm

With the usual mix of comedy, music and fun delivered by Belvoir Players pantomimes, Mother Goose promises to be a pantomime not to be missed.

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Cast and crew list to follow.