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Family Fever By Sam Cree

Dates and Times

  • 16th May 8:00pm
  • 17th May 8:00pm
  • 18th May 8:00pm

Ticket Prices

  • Adult: £11
  • Concession: £9
For the Galbraith family, Christmas is quickly approaching and Alec Galbraith is finding the stress that comes with the season is more heightened than usual. The birth of his first grandchild is fast approaching and he has to evacuate a mouse before it arrives; his buddy, Willie, is requiring assistance in the purchase of his wife’s Christmas present; and his own wife, Sadie, is putting pressure on him to finish the decorations and have the house sitting perfectly. All this provides for mayhem and hilarious comedy one of Sam Cree’s gems.

Performances: 16th - 18th May 2019