2022 – Widows’ Paradise

Production of 2022 – Widows’ Paradise

Production description

Director's Notes

Widows Paradise by Sam Cree is a favourite among Ulster audiences. Set in a caravan in the 1960’s, the show follows a group of women who go on a caravan holiday so that they can prove they do not need men. It is soon discovered that they are in the wrong caravan when they are joined by the male owner, his son and his brother-in-law. Forced to spend the night together, the group are soon joined by the husband of one of the women and the local farmer.
Widows Paradise takes a hilarious route through the course of a night, while answering the question ‘can men and women live without each other?’
The first show in the Studio post COVID, this run of Widows Paradise began in September 2021, before being resurrected with new cast members to tour the province from June - September 2022, visiting theatres in Enniskillen, Ballyearl, Armagh and Omagh, before a triumphant return to Belvoir Studio Theatre.

Mark McClean (Director)

Programme Notes

Press Release
We used the following for promotion in the theatres for our tour:

Widows’ Paradise is a three-act comedy which takes place in a ‘luxury’ caravan, with five ladies embarking on a ‘strictly women only’ 'staycation' in the tranquil countryside at Portrush.
The holiday is thrown into disarray with a case of ‘mistaken caravan identity’ and the arrival of no-nonsense, alpha-male Harry. Hot on his heels is his dim-witted, side-kick Ernie and his handsome young son, Alan. Add to the mix a couple of surprise visitors in the form of Wilfred and Farmer John and what was supposed to be a scene of peace and restfulness turns into a riotous clash of the sexes, each with their own story to tell..............
Described as ‘a piece of comedy genius’, Widows’ Paradise is ‘action-packed’ and guaranteed to have the audience on the edge of their seats and in tears of laughter until the final curtain call.

*This is an amateur production presented by kind permission of Drama League Ireland

Production Team

Director Mark McClean
Stage Manager Michael Gorman
Technical Team Karl Smyth, Robbie Irwin, Stephen ?
Costumes Sheila Hammonds & Phyliss McKelvey
Props Brigitta Ori

September 2021 Cast
Ruby Dempsey Maggie Gorman 
Lucy McGarry Deirdre Johnson 
Rachel Cathcart Louise Compston 
Vanessa Burton Claire Ashe 
Sylvia Dempsey Caroline Stone 
Harry Bradshaw Robert McGregor 
Ernest Gillespie Shane Johnson 
Alan Bradshaw Gareth McGimpsey 
Wilfred McNeilly Adam Sheridan 
John McGonigle Chris Curry 

2022 Tour Cast
Ruby Dempsey Maggie Gorman 
Lucy McGarry Deirdre Johnson 
Rachel Cathcart Caroline Stone & Doreen Savage
Vanessa Burton Louise Compston & Sarah Spence
Sylvia Dempsey Ellie Wisoner & Lisa Kachura
Harry Bradshaw Robert McGregor 
Ernest Gillespie Chris Pegg & Mark McClean
Alan Bradshaw Matthew Knell & Kevin Magill
Wilfred McNeilly Jim McDowell & Clive Roberts
John McGonigle Tony McGurk