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Belvoir Players Theatre Academy

We offer a Unique Theatre Academy for children aged 5-18. This academy offers some of the best training in Ulster for young aspiring actors and also encourages our youth members to be active members of the community and offers a safe environment for the children to develop as people as well as actors.

Many of the Academy Graduates have gone on to various stage schools and universities throughout the UK to continue their studies not only in acting but also in technical theatre.

Every year the Academy puts on a summer show to showcase the skills that have been learnt throughout the year. Every year the Academy outshines its’ previous production and many audience members comment on the outstanding performances that they have witnessed.

Every July and August we offer the academy members the chance to participate in a Summer Scheme this gives existing members the opportunity to develop there understanding and technical mentality towards theatre. It also gives new members the chance to “test the water” and see if the Academy is right for them.

Every Christmas the Academy members join the adult members of the Belvoir Players to take part in the annual pantomime where they are invaluable members of the cast whether as members of the chorus or in principal roles.

The Academy is taught in an informal and relaxed manner. Every member is able to develop their skills and this improvement is well-demonstrated year on year with the outstanding performances that continue to outshine the previous years performance. Due to this relaxed approach new members are able to come in and quickly pick up what is happening and no one is left behind.

Members of the Academy will learn to develop their communication and performance skills in a variety of ways during their course of development:

  • Performances – performance experience is vital to let the members express their achievements in front of an audience of friends, family members, public audience and professionals.
  • Dance Classes – our talented choreographers made up of current and past academy member’s hold these through the medium of rehearsal for shows.
  • Singing Classes – these are again held through the medium of rehearsal. Our highly talented Musical Directors work with soloists and chorus members in developing their performance.
  • Teamwork – our members are never above making friends and the leaders ensure a friendly atmosphere and allow time for everyone to get to know each other, as teamwork is a vital part of the member’s development as an actor but also as a member of the community.

All of these elements combined have cemented our Academy’s reputation as one of Northern Irelands leading development experiences for young people.

If you would like any further information on the Theatre Academy please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to answer and questions you might have.

For me Belvoir Academy is both an enjoyable and challenging place to spend my free time. I go there every opportunity and I am always greeted with a warm welcome. There is a huge amount of work and dedication put in to every aspect of the academy, it is a great place to go for experience and a good laugh. The rehearsals are hard work but always fun and have a high level of enthusiasm. Its great the way even if you cannot take part in a show there is always something for you to do, whether it is take part in a workshop or come along and help out. The academy is never a boring place to be and the shows are always amazing to be in and come together fantastically. I always speak highly of Belvoir to everyone and have made some of my best friends there. - Deborah Heatley (Academy Member)