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2009 Strictly For The Birds

Strictly For The Birds gives a rich social history of the mid 20th century Belfast where the only ‘Credit Crunch’ came at the end of the “Co Quarter” or when the ‘tick’ man or the Coal Man or even the Rent man managed to catch you at home.   The wee shop down the road could sell you essential household items on ‘easy payments’ and you got your weekly visit from the man collecting the instalments.

Muriel and Herbie Glover and their daughter Susan enjoy life in the domestic setting of a wee terraced house somewhere in Belfast.  Their neighbour, Lilly Dodds, calls in quite frequently for the loan of a wee cup of sugar or a wee drop of tea to keep her going.  Herbie keeps pigeons in his loft in the back yard and has collected quite a few cups from racing his birds across the Continent.  All is bliss except for the ‘lady next door, who insists on putting out her washing just as the pigeons are returning from their exploits.

When Muriel and Lily learn that they share a sweepstake that has drawn the favourite in an impending horse race and are likely to win a considerable sum of money, Muriel’s mother, who lives in Cherry Valley, descends on the household with the threat that life will; never be the same again for the hapless Herbie. 

Blending the customary potpourri of Cree characters the play races along to the inevitable conclusion but not before audiences are treated to a hilarious evening of comedy and mayhem that are the hallmarks of Sam Cree’s writing.


Here is the poster the we used to promote the show.


Performance Dates & Times

All performances at 8pm nightly         Details for seat reservations at venue.

Month Date Day Venue
March 2009 4th Wednesday Belvoir Players Studio, Castlereagh
  5th Thursday Belvoir Players Studio, Castlereagh
  6th Friday Belvoir Players Studio, Castlereagh
  7th Saturday Belvoir Players Studio, Castlereagh
July 10th Friday Newcastle Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down
  11th Saturday Newcastle Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down
  16th Thursday Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen
  17th Friday Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen
  18th Saturday Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen
  24th Friday Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey
  25th Saturday Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey
August 7th Friday Strule Arts Centre, Omagh
  8th Saturday Strule Arts Centre, Omagh
  14th Friday Marketplace Theatre, Armagh
  15th Saturday Marketplace Theatre, Armagh


Further production information to follow.